‘It could save somebody’s life;’ Police conduct OVI checkpoints ahead of Memorial Day

DAYTON — Police are letting drivers know they will not tolerate intoxicated drivers this holiday weekend.

Montgomery County held two OVI checkpoints on Thursday and Friday in the hopes it ensures people drink responsibly and prevent crashes.

Michael Hayden lives in the area of Smithville Road and Linden Avenue. He watched as officers held a checkpoint in front of his home.

“I mean that’s what we paid police officers for, to come and keep our streets safe. I believe that’s one way for them to do it,” he said.

Michelle Mouser, OVI Task Force coordinator, said the state gave the Dayton Police Department a grant of $250,000 last year to run these checkpoints.

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People in the area said they understand the purpose behind these checkpoints, even if they are inconvenient.

“They aren’t out to hurt anybody, it’s just to help,” Heather Finley said.

Finley said she went through a checkpoint last year.

“It could save somebody’s life in the long run,” she said.

After the checkpoint is completed crews will announce how many cars went through the checkpoint and if there were any arrests made.

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