I-TEAM: Lawsuit says Ex-Boys & Girls Club of Dayton CEO stole over $70k from club

DAYTON — A new civil lawsuit says the former CEO of the Boys & Girls Club of Dayton stole more than $70,000 from the organization.

The lawsuit uncovered by the I-Team was filed in April by the Boys & Girls Club of Dayton’s insurance company, Cincinnati Insurance Company (CIC). Based on their math, at one time, Tara Marlow was stealing more than $6,500 a month while she was leading the non-profit.

The lawsuit claims Marlow stole more than $72,000 from the organization over her last 11 months there.

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The Board president previously told the I-Team that they fired Marlow in March 2022 because of their “fiduciary responsibility” after “policy violations.”

The lawsuit claims Marlow stole money from the non-profit and “used the club’s business credit card to make unauthorized personal flight purchases for her own benefit.”

CIC confirmed in the lawsuit that the club had an insurance policy to cover some of the missing funds, which was something the I-Team reported last year. The limit on the policy was $25,000.

CIC said they paid out all $25,000 to the club and they are now suing Marlow to get that money back.

A spokesperson for the Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office told the I-Team Monday that their office reviewed a Dayton police investigation into Marlow and the missing money. Prosecutors approved a grand jury reviewing charges of theft, grand theft, and misuse of credit cards but they instead struck a diversion agreement with Marlow two weeks ago. That meant Marlow admitted to the crimes, but for now, prosecutors are holding off on criminal charges.

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Prosecutors confirmed Marlow has paid full restitution of a little over $37,000 to the club. On top of that, as part of the diversion agreement, Marlow has agreed to pay $25,000 to CIC and another $10,000 to West Bend Mutual Insurance over the course of three years. That would total the more than $72,000 she stole.

Marlow also has to do 40 hours of community service at a non-profit.

If Marlow completes her diversion program, the charges are not filed. The Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office said if Marlow breaks the terms of the diversion agreement, they’ll ask a grand jury to indict her. If that happens, prosecutors would be able to use her admission of committing the crimes against her in court.

In a statement to the I-Team, the Boys & Girls of Dayton said that in the “spring of 2022, our organization discovered several Club policy violations that prompted a comprehensive investigation and financial review of all management policies and procedures to further strengthen the organization’s finances and operations going forward. This matter has been resolved, and the Club has recovered all relevant amounts.”

The I-Team’s John Bedell went to Marlow’s home to get a comment Monday, but no one answered the door.