Hamvention returning to Greene County after nearly three years

GREENE COUNTY — Greene County is just a month away from welcoming back the world’s largest amateur radio show for the first time in almost three years.

Thousands of radio operators, known as Hams, will come to the grounds of the Greene County Expo Center and Fairgrounds for Hamvention.

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An estimated 30,000 visitors will bring in upwards of $30 million worth of money into the Miami Valley economy.

Rick Allnutt, Hamvention Chairperson for 2022, said the event will be important for local businesses. He also said he is pleased to not have to check vaccination statuses or enforce a mask mandate.

“Everyone was wanting to get back to normal,” Allnutt said.

Michael Kalter, with the event’s media relations, told News Center 7′s Mike Campbell that tickets and booth spaces were selling fast.

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“[Event goers] like to communicate with each other and they like the camaraderie,” Kalter said.

Rodney Keadle, Greene County Expo Center manager, said he’s glad to see Hamvention return, as well as many other events. He said they have every weekend booked in 2022, a welcomed change from the last two years during the pandemic.

“It’s been pretty tough. We have lost a lot of shows, not really lost, but postponed a lot,” Keadle said.

Hamvention kicks off May 20. More information on the event can be found here.