Flu cases increasing nationally; Local doctor shares outlook for this season

DAYTON — As we leave the winter months and move into the summer months, the flu is knocking at our door.

Cases of the flu have gone up recently across the United States, according to the Center for Disease Control.

The highest and quickest spreading flu cases are in the central and south-central parts of the U.S.

The majority of flu cases are Influenza, also known as H3N2.

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Many cases are found when patients visit physician’s offices for respiratory issues.

A regional doctor shared his outlook for this flu season.

Dr. Joseph Allen, regional medical director with Premier Health, said that flu numbers this year are larger compared to the last couple of years.

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But how do you know that you have the flu and not COVID-19?

“If you really think it’s COVID Ideally, you’d wait two to three days test at the end of day three if you still have symptoms, and then if it’s positive, get the treatment setup. If you wait that long, though, when you have flu, you’re outside the treatment when the treating window for flu is 72 hours,” Allen said.

Both share the similarity that someone could spread it for at least one day before they’ve experienced any symptoms.

For more information about the flu and current numbers visit here.