Fireworks in Ohio: Many confused about what you can and can’t do this Fourth of July under new law

Competing fireworks laws have a lot of people in the area confused on what they can and can’t do this July 4th holiday.

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Ohio drastically changed their law this year, allowing consumer grade fireworks to not only be sold but also fired off in the state, but lawmakers also allowed local governments to ban fireworks in their community, if they wanted.

For years, people stepped across the state line and bought fireworks, but couldn’t use them in Ohio. Now they can unless they live in a city that still bans them.

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Some customers say fireworks on the Fourth of July is an annual event.

“Our family’s done it for a long time, it’s been years upon years we’ve done it, we carry on the tradition for our family,” said Aaron Rodgers, Ohio resident.

Rodgers and his family will shoot their fireworks off in Ohio. They live out in a rural area, but others do not have the green light.

>> Oakwood, Germantown join other local communities in banning private fireworks

Major Jason Hall with the Dayton Police Department said officers will be enforcing the law in the city.

“Someone using consumer grade fireworks in the city of Dayton, there is potential to receive a citation,”

Dayton city commissioners decided to keep the city’s fireworks ban in place, using what’s called a local carve-out of the state law.

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“Issuing citations or arrests is not the goal, we want to educate and inform,” Hall said.

Hall said commissioners see the ban as a public safety manner after some death and injuries in recent years involving private fireworks activities.

Dayton police say they are not trying to ruin anyone’s good time.

They just want to make sure everyone has a very safe, and secure, Independence Day Holiday.

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