Dayton Public School District test scores return to pre-pandemic academic levels

DAYTON — The Dayton Public School District is returning to pre-pandemic academic achievement levels according to the latest internal district data and preliminary Ohio State Test results, according to a news release Thursday.

The most notable test score increases can be seen in kindergarten-3rd grade, the school district says.

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The district says it’s a direct result of academic recovery efforts implemented in the 2021-2022 school year which include a double teaching model in first through third grade and an instructional paraprofessional shared between kindergarten classrooms.

“We are every encouraged to see the profound impact the double teaching model has had on student achievement,” said Dr. Elizabeth Lolli, superintendent of Dayton Public Schools. “There is still a lot of work to be done, but we know that this strategy is working and has the potential to continue to improve student achievement and close learning gaps in the coming school year.”

Prior to Covid-19, the district had earned its highest report card grade in history and was on a trajectory toward even high achievement, the release said. Scores began to decline when the pandemic closed schools and learning went online.

The district implemented several academic recovery measures that focused heavily on reducing class size and providing with more one-on-one support in key areas, the release said.

Recovery efforts include:

  • An instructional paraprofessional working between two Kindergarten classrooms in each building to provide additional academic support.
  • A double teaching model in all 1st-3rd grade classes.
  • New Math Specialists in 4th-6th grade classes.
  • A new reading class for 7th-10th grade.
  • New daily math workshops in 1st-3rd grade classes.