Dayton officer shot in head in September earns officer of the year award

DAYTON — The Dayton police officer who was shot in the head during a scuffle with a suspect in September was named the Officer of the Year by the Montgomery County Association of Police Chiefs.

Officer Thadeu Holloway was working a fraud call, when investigators said Antwyane Lowe, 40, of Dayton grabbed a handgun during the scuffle and fired a gun at Holloway.

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“After returning fire, he was able to make necessary requests over the radio, guard the suspect and protect bystanders until more crews arrived,” Dayton police said in a statement announcing Holloway’s award.

Holloway located Lowe in the 600 block of Ingram Street around 7:24 p.m. He attempted to stop Lowe, but a scuffle ensued.

Holloway used his taser on Lowe, which brought Lowe to the ground. Lowe retrieved a handgun and fired one shot, which struck Holloway on the side of his head, hitting his temporal artery, former Dayton Acting Police Chief Matt Carper said.

“I’ve been shot on the left side of my head. I can barely hear my earpiece,” Holloway said over his police-issued radio as blood dripped from his face and he called for help.

Holloway fired five shots at Lowe and hit him in the neck and shoulders.

Carper credited Holloway for his professionalism while he waited for extra officers to come help. Body camera video released Wednesday showed the 8-year veteran officer asking people to stay inside and away from the scene.

“The concern that he showed, not just for his own wellbeing, but for the suspect and those around him,” Carper said.

The gun Lowe used had one more bullet still in the chamber when it was recovered, according to police.

Holloway ended up spending a couple of days in the hospital and was met by a crowd of officers and emergency workers applauding him as he was released.

Lowe is still awaiting trial in his case. Last month, the court was still deciding whether Lowe would be competent to stand trial.