Dayton man indicted on attempted murder for attacking 88-year-old great-uncle

Dayton man accused of attacking 88-year-old great-uncle

PREBLE COUNTY — A 28-year-old Dayton man was indicted on attempted murder, among other charges, for allegedly attacking his 88-year-old great-uncle in Preble County.

Jeffery R. Hardin Jr. also was indicted on aggravated burglary, felonious assault, vandalism, assault, operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs and using weapons while intoxicated by a Preble County grand jury, according to court documents.

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Hardin is scheduled to be arraigned Friday in the Preble County Common Pleas Court.

On Aug. 23, Hardin reportedly attacked his great-uncle at a Germantown Road home. Hardin used an SUV to ram the garage of the home and forced his way inside.

During the attack, Hardin reportedly said that he was going to kill the victim multiple times.

When he left, Hardin said he would return and kill his great-uncle.

Deputies said it was unknown if the victim would survive, according to court documents.

The victim is listed as a patient at Miami Valley Hospital and is in serious condition, according to a hospital spokesperson.

Hardin, who was reportedly intoxicated at the time, also drove to a house on East Factory Road and asked the resident for a tire.

When the resident said that he could not help, Hardin reportedly punched him, took his gun and fired two shots into the ground before throwing the gun back at the resident.