Dayton International Peace Museum hosts MLK forum Sunday

DAYTON — For the second year in a row, the Dayton International Peace Museum hosted a MLK forum Sunday evening.

Last year the talk was in person at the museum, but this year the event took place virtually over Zoom due to the pandemic forcing the museum to close down.

Organizers of the event said that the subject this year was “The Power of Peace.”

Peace Museum board member, Jacob Bauer, said that the application of King’s message is crucial if we want to see change.

“His lessons spoke to his time, but they also were prophetic in a way. That they still are very meaningful and important to apply today,” Bauer said.

The virtual discussion ended up gathering more than 30 people together.

Bauer said that whether it is virtually or eventually back in person at the museum, he believes continuing King’s legacy is to peacefully discuss change with people who think differently.

“I think an initial step after these dialogues is try to have dialogue with those outside of your immediate political circle or people that just agree with you,” Bauer said.

The Dayton International Peace Museum will be hosting an MLK series every two months of the third Sunday starting at 4 p.m.