Dave Chappelle-owned company to open comedy club in former Yellow Springs fire station

YELLOW SPRINGS — A company owned by comedian Dave Chappelle has agreed to purchase the Miami Twp. fire station in Yellow Springs with the plan to open a comedy club, a Yellow Springs Development Corporation spokesperson told News Center 7 Tuesday.

The development group announced Iron Table Holdings LLC entered into a contract to purchase the building with the intention to develop it into the club. The sale comes after a process spanning several months including a review of development plans by the YSDC that included analyzing “how the project would contribute to the cultural vitality and/or economic health of Yellow Springs,” a development group spokesperson said in a media release.

The sale is expected to be completed in late February or early March, a YSDC spokesperson said.

“The business plans submitted by Iron Table Holdings, LLC were in line with the YSDC’s economic development mission, and fit well with the evaluation criteria used to select the finalist,” Lisa Abel, YSDC board president said in the release.

“Of the three leading proposals, this one ranked highest in profits/wages/taxes, environmental impact (building), local impact, diversity, and other (COVID-19).”

The plan calls for the fire station on Corry Street to be developed into a club with a restaurant, areas for dining and performances, and patios with an occupancy set at 140 people.

“We believe it is the best and highest use of the fire station space, as an entertainment venue that does not directly compete with local businesses, and it helps draw additional commercial activity into the central business district,” Abel said.

Chappelle declined to issue a comment on the story Tuesday, but said Iron Table Holdings LLC could issue a statement around the time the deal closes.

This is a developing story and we’ll continue to update this page as we learn more.