Dave Chappelle: 2 men cited after peeing on comedian’s property

GREENE COUNTY — Two men admitted to being on Dave Chappelle’s property earlier this week and urinating on the comedian’s property outside Yellow Springs, according to public records.

Two men, an 18-year-old and a 28-year-old, were cited with criminal mischief. They admitted to the misdemeanor crimes in Xenia court Wednesday and a judge ordered them to write a letter to Chappelle, according to online records.

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The men also were put on probation for two years and each had to pay a $100 fine.

Deputies first responded to Chappelle’s East Hyde Road home around 5 p.m. Sunday after receiving a report of three men trying to crawl under the gate at the property.

A neighbor told deputies when he asked the men what they were doing then “two of the male subjects began to urinate on David Chappelle’s front gate.”

Surveillance video footage led officers to a home on West College Street in Yellow Springs, where the three believed to be involved were spotted.

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“Why were you over at Dave Chapelle’s house today?” a deputy asked one of the men. “What was the purpose of going to his property?”

A woman who was at the property, who is not facing charges, told deputies what happened.

“They just had to pee and they jumped out.” the woman said in body camera video obtained by News Center 7. “They were like oh this is it...it was stupid.”

Both were summonsed into court and admitted to the charges they were cited for.

The third man, who was not charged, said he was with the other two, but denied urinating on the gate.