1 rescued during Huber Heights apartment fire

Crews respond to fire at Cloud Park Drive apartment complex

A woman was rescued from an apartment fire Monday on Cloud Park Drive, according to District Fire Chief David Wright.

Crews responded around 4 p.m. to the 4100 block on a water flow alarm.

“When crews arrived, what they found was that they do have a water flow alarm, but the sprinkler system had activated in one of the apartments and we actually had a fire,” Wright said.

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The occupant inside had fallen asleep and left food cooking on the stove.

Wright said the fire made some “good headway,” but the woman was rescued safely and only suffered some smoke inhalation.

The fire was contained to the kitchen, causing $5 to 6,000 in damage, and there is a significant amount of water on the first floor apartment due to the sprinkler.

“Unattended cooking is one of the major reasons we have fires, so if you’re gonna put something on make sure you’re there to watch it at all times,” said Wright.