Coroner’s office rules on death of UD student who died after falling from pickup in September

DAYTON — The University of Dayton student who fell from the bed of a moving truck died as a result of blunt force trauma to his head, the Montgomery County Coroner’s Office said.

Michael Currin, 19, a first-year UD student, was found bloodied and critically injured in the early morning hours of Sept. 20. He died hours later at Miami Valley Hospital.

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The coroner’s office said there was no alcohol or drugs his Currin’s system.

An investigation by Dayton police and UD public safety found Currin initially left campus to pick up a carry-out order at a nearby pizza restaurant on Wayne Avenue. During his walk there, he accepted a ride from the driver of a pickup truck and sat in the bed of the truck, police said.

During that ride, Currin fell from the bed of the moving truck, which caused his injuries, police said.

Dayton police said the coroner’s office report has given them information needed to finalize their report. Investigators said they planned to meet with prosecutors in the near future about the case.