Coronavirus: Business has RVs to rent to workers fretting over social distance

The owners of Sorg Outdoors are renting three of their RVs to workers who want to stay close to home -- but at a safe distance from family.

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Justin Sorg and his wife want people who are self-quarantining to feel comfortable.

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The Sorgs decided to lend an RV because maintaining social distancing can be expensive.

"We had heard about people doing tents in the front yard, backyards and staying at hotels," Justin Sorg told News Center 7's Ronnell Hunt on Monday night.

His RVs can accommodate four to eight people and he can deliver an RV anywhere within three hours of his business on Lower Bellbrook Road in Spring Valley, Greene County.

"While it would be nice to try to keep our business going, I want to be able to help those people that are struggling, that have to go into work, that have to feed their own families. I want to help them as much as I can,” Justin said.