Coronavirus: Airlines, Dayton International Airport working to help travelers

Coronavirus: Airlines, Dayton International Airport working to help travelers

Airlines and staff at Dayton International Airport are working as well as they can to ease the fears of travelers during the coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak, which hit home this week with the news of three Ohioans who have been confirmed as having the sickness.

Airport workers seem to have become more aggressive in working to keep travelers away from the virus.

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"They seemed very conscientious about it and I saw a bunch of people wearing the masks and being conscientious. Soon as somebody coughs everyone was looking," Mike Loy of Eaton told News Center 7's Ronnell Hunt on Monday night.

Loy, who said he and his wife had just returned from a convention in Arizona, was glad to see airports taking extra steps for travelers -- including sending emails to passengers with details about precautions and updates.

JetBlue, for example, sent the following email to travelers: "We have partnered with federal agencies and hired OUR OWN medical expert to ensure we implement best practices from U.S. and other global health authorities. This includes promoting hand washing and healthy hygiene practices among our community of crew members and customers."

Loy said, "It was good that they sent us the emails. They were conscientious about taking care of the virus and going a step above what the companies are recommending for the treatment of it."

Allegiant officials said they have not suspended any scheduled flight or routes because of the coronavirus. Their customers who have reservations may request a one-time change to their travel plans without incurring change or cancellation fees.

At Delta, officials said they have adjusted flight scheduled to affected areas and waived change fees and will use relationships with other airlines when needed.

American and United Airlines are waiving cancellation fees, the former for the month of March and the latter until the end of June.

Airport spokeswoman Linda Hughes said not any of us can hear enough about hand-washing.

The airport will continue to utilize the self-check-in kiosks, she said.

"If you are sick, or what have you, you know you should stay home," she said.