Coronavirus Pandemic: Montgomery County Juvenile Court suspends cases

Montgomery County Juvenile Court judges will suspend most of their cases because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

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The administrative order implemented by Judge Anthony Capizzi states that cases will be suspended until after May 4, according to a statement to media.

"All trials, hearings and proceedings in delinquency, traffic, civil and abuse, neglect and dependency and adult cases are hereby suspended and continued," according to the statement.

A few exceptions to the order include initial hearings for detained youth, emergency removal and shelter care hearings, ex-party orders in civil actions, and ex-party juvenile protection orders.

"In all Montgomery County Juvenile Court matters that are currently pending, counsel and any pro se parties shall be contacted by the Court Services Department that their matter is continued and that a future court date by notice and summons will be issued with the new court date," according to the statement.