Back to School: Dayton Public School bussing problems causing issues for students and parents

DAYTON — Bussing problems are causing issues for students and parents to start the new school year.

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Dayton Public Schools say the district has been struggling with issues when it comes to pick up and drop off times, students being dropped off in the wrong locations, long wait times, and more.

One parent told News Center 7′s Dontre Drexelius that D.P.S. has found a way to deal with this problem by changing the school start time. But the situation is still frustrating.

“My son was left at the school,” said Kira Warren. “He called me at 3:10 p.m. saying that no bus showed up and he was still outside, which means that he was outside for 40 minutes.”

Warren tells Drexelius she does not think the transportation department can handle the load they have on them.

“It’s so many children in so many different bell times,” she said.

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Drexelius also spoke with Alyse Pennington, Principal at Horizon Science Academy, about the issues she’s had.

“We’re reaching out to D.P.S. on a consistent basis multiple times a day to try to get a solution to this,” she said. “At times, the transportation department has gotten to the point where they’re shutting down their phone system.”

More routes have been added by school district to address or eliminate some of these issues, D.P.S. says.