Wife accused of killing estranged husband by injecting him with drugs; 3 arrested

WAPAKONETA — A woman is facing a murder charge after she was accused of injecting her estranged husband with an “overdose of a synthetic opioid” with the purpose to kill him, according to Auglaize County court records.

Amanda L. Hovanec, 35, was arrested just after midnight Thursday after she was charged and accused of killing Timothy Hovanec, of Virginia, after he dropped off the couple’s children following his visitation with them.

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Anthony Theodorou, 33, was able to obtain and give Amanda the drug she’s accused of using to kill Timothy, court records show.

Theodorou also is charged with murder.

According to court records, Anita Green, 61, was at the home when Amanda and Timothy exchanged custody of the couple’s children. The children ranged in age from 5 to 8 years old, Sheriff Michael Vorhees said.

Anita Green is the mother of Amanda, according to Vorhees.

“When Timothy dropped the children off at the residence, Anita Green took the children into the the residence away from Timothy and Amanda,” a court affidavit read. “The body was moved into Anita Green’s garage until Green drove Amanda and Anthony to dispose of the body.”

Court records show Amanda filed for divorce with Timothy back in December 2020 and about a year later, court officials noted that “the parties issues have become contentious in nature.”

Over the past several months, Amanda had tried to get the court to take away Timothy’s rights to see the children, but the court denied her request, online court records show.

Timothy also accused Amanda of violating court orders on his visitation rights and just last week the court ordered Timothy to be able to visit with his children from April 22 to April 24, domestic relations court documents showed.

Amanda had an upcoming appearance scheduled in court for June 15, where she would have to show the court why she shouldn’t be held in contempt of court.

Auglaize County deputies said Timothy was reported missing to the Wapakoneta Police Department on April 26, two days after he would have dropped off his children to Amanda at her home in the 19000 block of Middle Pike Road.

The missing person case was launched after the hotel Timothy had been staying at called to say he had failed to check out.

“An investigation into his whereabouts led Detectives to locate Timothy’s body in a rural area of Auglaize County,” deputies said in a statement.

A judge set bonds for all three suspects in Timothy’s death at $2 million, court records show.

During the divorce Timothy had been living in Dulles, Virginia outside of Washington D.C., where he was working at the State Department, Vorhees said.

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