Gov. DeWine condemns post by state senator comparing quarantine to Holocaust

Gov. DeWine took to Twitter Wednesday night to condemn Ohio State Senator Andrew Brenner, whose wife compared DeWine and Acton’s Coronavirus response to Hitler’s Germany on Facebook.

The state senator had commented on the post saying, “We won’t let that happen in Ohio.”

DeWine tweeted, “The comments showed a complete lack of understanding of the Holocaust-- made even more offensive by posting on Holocaust Memorial Day.”

The governor went on to say that any complaints around his administration need to be directed at him. “The buck stops with me.”

In addition, DeWine also included disapproval towards anti-Semitic protesters in the same series of tweets. A sign displayed during a statehouse protest this week left him deeply concerned.

“While even disgusting speech is constitutionally protected, it still demands condemnation.”

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