Dayton could get indoor bike park

A local resident proposes transforming a vacant industrial property in East Dayton into an indoor bike park featuring wooden trails and other attractions.

Michael Bisig, who teaches in Beavercreek, says he is under contract to purchase a manufacturing facility at 221 Crane St. that has sat empty for at least three years.

Bisig wants to build a variety of indoor of tracks, trails, rails and other amenities inside the facility, including a foam pit that bicyclists can safely land in if they fall off elevated beams or obstacles. The business is tentatively named Mike’s Bike Park.

The plan is for one major cross country track, which is a large loop that consists of falling and rising elevations. Also, there will be “skinnies” tracks that test balance and a pump track that is a looping trail that doesn’t require pedaling, Bisig said.

“You’ll be able to put miles on your bike,” he said. “You’ll have a 100 different things to ride on.”

Indoor recreation facilities are not permitted in that area, which is zoned industrial. Bisig has requested a variance, and his case will be considered by the Board of Zoning Appeals later this month.

Tonight, Bisig is expected to appear before the Northeast Land Use committee meeting to share information about his vision for the property.

Bisig said he looks to invest about $250,000 or more into cleaning up the facility and building the trails.

The park would likely offer between 15 and 30 bikes for people to rent. All sorts of bikes would be welcome, including BMX and mountain bikes.

Two of the more famous indoor biking parks are Ray’s MTB parks located in Milwaukee, Wis., and Cleveland. Bisig said he has visited the park in Cleveland nearly 30 times.

Bisig he hopes to have the park up and running early next year, assuming financing and zoning issues can be worked out.