WATCH: Family lawyer disputes moments that lead to deadly Trotwood officer-involved shooting

TROTWOOD — The lawyer representing the family of a Trotwood man shot and killed by police earlier this month said an investigation by his office disputes the sequence of events detailed by police before officers killed him.

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Andrew Hogan, 25, was killed by officers after a series of altercations with police late in the evening on Feb. 5, Trotwood police previously said. According to investigators, Hogan was first suspected of stealing items from a Speedway convenience store on Shiloh Springs Road.

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Before police arrived on scene, Hogan had left the store and was walking west on Shiloh Springs Road. Police located him and got into an altercation in front of the Kensington apartment complex. According to police, after the altercation Hogan ran from them, went into an apartment, and returned with a knife before a Trotwood officer opened fire and killed him.

During the altercation before Hogan was shot, Trotwood police said an officer was assaulted by Hogan and a Taser, pepper spray, and a baton were used to try and get Hogan to comply.

However, attorney Michael Wright, who is representing Hogan’s family, said an investigation by his office did not find evidence an officer was hit by Hogan in the confrontation.

“Based on our investigation we don’t have any evidence of an officer being struck,” Wright told News Center 7′s Mike Campbell. “I’m frustrated because this keeps occurring and it didn’t have to occur, they did not need to take this young man’s life.”

Wright released video to News Center 7 Tuesday obtained through his office’s investigation that appears to show the initial altercation between officers and Hogan after he left the Speedway store.

The video shows police tell a man to surrender and get on the ground, followed by use of pepper spray, and what sounds like a Taser. The video ends with the man, who Wright said is Hogan, running from police apparently towards his apartment.

Trotwood police said that was when Hogan went into a unit, returned with a knife, and was shot and killed.

The video does not show an officer being hit nor does it show the moments right before the fatal shots.

Wright added that he believes this shooting should not have happened also because Hogan had struggled previously with mental health issues and Trotwood officers had previous contact with him. Additionally, Wright said the situation should have been de-escalated and wonders why the youngest of the three officers on scene was the only one that opened fire.

“The more senior officers didn’t draw their weapons. The more senior officers didn’t fire any shots,” Wright said.

The entire officer-involved incident is currently under review by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation. It is expected to be several weeks before BCI investigators offer any opinions on whether the actions of the officers were justified. Previously, Trotwood police said three officers were on administrative leave while the investigation was conducted.