WATCH: IWitness7 viewers capture I-75 crash, fire, explosion

Published: Monday, May 01, 2017 @ 11:39 AM

SCENE: Flames shoot above I-75 crash site

Drivers on I-75 near North Main in Dayton capturedimages and video of the aftermath of the I-75 crash involving a tanker truck headed south on I-75, and a wrong way driver travelling north in the southbound lanes.


The  driver of the car going the wrong way was killed in the high speed collision.

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WHIO Radio listener Brent Cox sent this video just minutes after the impact as police arrived.

ON SCENE: Smoke billows from fatal crash site on I-75

A car and semi tanker collided, which resulted in a massive fire that shut down Interstate 75 in both directions.

IWitness7 Reporter Jeff Monbeck captured video of what appears to be citizens holding hands, praying on the highway.

IWitness7 Reporter Kierstin Williams was in traffic not far from the large fireball and dark plume of black smoke, which could be seen from miles away.

IWitness7 Reporter Courtney Englund noticed the black smoke billowing from storm drains along surface streets below the fire. We are checking with EPA officials today to see if there is any environmental concern as a result of the lengthy tanker fire.

IWitness7 Reporter Carrie Weaver captured many people in a nearby park watching the fiery explosion up on the highway.

IWitness7 Reporter Zach Sliver went live on his Facebook page minutes after the impact, and also saw smoke emerging from storm sewer drains.