Teen in New Carlisle double-stabbing one step closer to adult court

15-year-old could be tried as adult in fatal New Carlisle stabbing case

NEW CARLISLE — Witnesses and new video shed light on new details in the case of two New Carlisle teen girls charged in a deadly stabbing.

That stabbing killed a woman and injured two other people in Church Street in May.

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The case against 15-year-old Natasha Ellis is building.

Prosecutors say she and her 13-year-old friend plotted to kill the 13-year-old’s family.

Their goal today was to show why Ellis should be charged as an adult.

This morning a Clark County Sheriff’s deputy told the court that Ellis and the 13-year-old had been messaging back and forth on Instagram about how to carry it out — all the way until moments before the stabbing happened.

“We could hear the screaming coming from inside the house,” said Deputy Amanda Penewit.

She was one of the first people on the scene that night.

Graphic video played in court showed the scene when Penewit walked into the house. When she heads out to the patrol car she’s with Ellis, who was wearing yellow rubber gloves.

“Once I got her into the patrol car, she told me right away that she wanted to tell me everything that happened,” Penewit said.

Ellis also told a sheriff’s office detective her story that night.

She told him that her friend was being abused and this was the only solution.

Paul Greear is the father of the 13-year-old suspect in the case. He was attacked that night and survived. However, the teen’s mother, 36-year-old Lee A. Moore, did not.

After over an hour of testimony and evidence, Judge Lancaster gave the green light, moving Ellis one step closed to adult court.

The next step is what’s called an amenability hearing to see if she can be rehabilitated.

That hearing is scheduled for the end of August.