Greene County officials warn against cliff jumping in state park

Published: Friday, June 09, 2017 @ 2:00 PM

Greene County water jumpers

Thirty warnings and six tickets have already been issued at Greene county parks this summer for cliff jumping and swimming Sgt. Brady Smith of Green County Parks and Trails said Friday.

It is against the law to swim at any Greene county Park, but people are doing it anyways, Smith said. 

No swimming signs are posted on all water areas in Greene county parks but according to rangers, people are ignoring the signs and are putting their health and safety at risk by cliff jumping.

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One of the most popular sites for cliff jumping is Clifton Gorge, YouTube has made this site popular as young people have posted videos jumping off of it. 

According to Smith, deaths have occurred through the years from cliff jumping, along with a good amount of broken bones. A small floating stick could impale someone if struck in the wrong spot, Smith said. 

Anyone caught in a restricted area will be subject to a warning or ticket. In addition, anyone caught multiple times can receive heftier and heftier tickets, county officials said. 

Park rangers expect that an increase in temperatures will most likely lead to a rise in tickets being handed out, which will lead to an increase in rangers being posted near the water.

Greene County is warning people if you do get a ticket from a ranger that it could cost you upwards of a couple hundred dollars, they hope these amounts will deter people from breaking park laws.