Coronavirus: Ohio Sen. Brown proposes ‘hazard pay’ for essential workers

In a letter to President Donald Trump, Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown is calling for companies deemed essential during the cornavirus pandemic to pay employees ‘hazard pay.'

“The next coronavirus-related legislative package considered by Congress should include a requirement for all companies deemed essential during the coronavirus pandemic to provide so-called “hazard pay,” or Pandemic Premium Pay, to their workers,” the letter read. “Pandemic Premium Pay should be equal to time and a half wages. It should be available to all workers, including part-time workers and independent contractors, for all of their hours worked, and it should be provided in their regular paychecks.”

Under Brown’s proposal the nation’s doctors, nurses, grocery store workers, home health care workers, building cleaners, deliver workers, letter carriers, transit workers and others working in essential businesses would receive the pay.

The letter comes after a report from U.S. News & World Report, where the magazine cites the President as saying he is considering giving health care workers ‘hazard pay.'

Brown proposed that the ‘hazard pay’ should be included as part of the next coronavirus-related legislative package considered by Congress. He also said the extra pay should be retroactive to the beginning of the public health emergency through its conclusion.