Cameron & Jack - Unlikely friends find each other in the most trying times

Cameron & Jack - Unlikely friends find each other in the most trying times
Cameron the bird and Jack

WASHINGTON COURT HOUSE — A family in Washington Court House found a baby robin in their backyard with the mother nowhere to be found.

They began caring for it and feeding it and still hoping the mother might turn up.

Jack, the 8 year old boy at first wasn’t wild about taking care of the bird but he quickly bonded with it, feeding it constantly throughout the day.

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They named the bird Cameron – because it’s too young to know if it’s male or female – and the bird even wanted to sit on their shoulder or finger often.

The family quickly began looking for a rehabilitation center to take the bird but were unable to find any close to their home willing to take it.

Eventually they found the Bruckner Nature Center in Troy and the center accepted the bird to continue its development.

It was important to get the bird around other birds so it could socialize and learn important survival instincts with its own kind.

Jack’s family became so attached to the bird that Jake and his mother, Robyn, were crying when they had to drop it off.

The bird will have a soft release this weekend, weather permitting, where it can go out and still come back to the safety of the rehabilitation center.

Jack and his family were surprised how they bonded with it. Jack overcame fears like the bird biting him accidentally.

Bruckner Nature Center encourages anyone that might have questions about wildlife or what they should do to call the center and they could either advise what to do or take care of the animal at their center.

They average about 1800 animals per year they help rehabilitate and have taken about 600 so far this year.