Police: Car passenger fires gun as he hangs out window in Dayton

Published: Wednesday, May 15, 2019 @ 2:40 PM

Stock photo of police lights.
DodgertonSkillhause / Morguefile.com
Stock photo of police lights.(DodgertonSkillhause / Morguefile.com)

Police responded to a shots fired report on Tuesday afternoon, one day after shots were fired on U.S. 35.

Police state there are no injuries and the shots are not related to the instances on U.S. 35. 

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A witness told police he was driving north on Gettysburg Avenue at the intersection of Gettysburg Avenue and James H McGee when he noticed two males in the vehicle next to him, according to a Dayton Police report. The witness reported that he saw the passenger hanging out of the passenger side window shooting a firearm downward.  

It was reported by the witness that he heard about five or six shots fired. The vehicle proceeded to turn right on North James H McGee going southeast.

Once police arrived on scene two nine millimeter casings were found along with a jacket. 

Nothing further has been reported.