Coronavirus: Lawn care companies may operate with certain restrictions made by public health

Dayton & Montgomery County Public Health talked with the Ohio Department of Health to decide how lawn care businesses should operate during the stay-at-home order moving forward.

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If the businesses abide by the physical distancing and disinfecting requirements implemented in the stay-at-home order then they may continue to operate, said Dayton & Montgomery County Public Health in a release.

The following services are permitted to continue according to public health:

  • Mow commercial and residential properties
    • However, businesses should refrain from landscaping services of residential properties that are considered non-essential such as for beautification purposes
  • Landscaping services that are for the safety and sanitation of properties, for example insect control, are also allowed

Dayton & Montgomery County Public Health say they will be randomly inspecting the business practices of local lawn care companies to ensure they are following all the requirements.