10 affidavits filed in shooting death of John Crawford

Ten private citizens filed affidavits in Fairborn Municipal Court, Friday, March 25, in reference to the shooting death of John Crawford III by a Beavercreek police officer, inside a Walmart in August 2014.

“We’re here today to search for justice for John Crawford,” said Bomani Moyenda outside the courthouse. “We discovered that there’s a law in Ohio that allows any private citizen to file affidavit of a complaint to the municipal court and have it reviewed by the judge and make a recommendation that charges be brought and arrests be made.”

Moyenda said 10 private citizens Friday submitted affidavits to Fairborn Municipal Court for review.

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He said the complaints are against the 911 caller, Ronald T. Ritchie, “who created the incident that resulted in the death of not only John Crawford but another shopper by the name of Angela Williams,” Moyenda said.

Moyenda said the court advised the affidavits will be reviewed and the citizens will be contacted in writing. The citizens weren’t told how long it would take.

“We wanted to go directly to the municipal judge,” Moyenda said.

Along with the affidavits, the group submitted a copy of the synched video and audio from the incident where you can hear Ronald Ritchie claiming John Crawford was pointing the gun at people and specifically at two children.

“And the video shows that none of that is true,” Moyenda said.

Crawford, 22, of Fairfield, was talking on his cell phone in the pet food department while carrying a pellet gun he picked up in another part of the store. Another store customer, Ronald T. Ritchie, called 911, telling the dispatcher Crawford was "pointing the gun" at people.

Two officers, Sean Williams and Sgt. David M. Darkow, immediately responded to the call and found Crawford in the left corner of the store.

In a grand jury investigation, the officers said they ordered Crawford repeatedly to put the gun down and shot him when he turned toward them “in an aggressive manner,” according to official statements made by Williams.

A special grand jury did not deliver indictments against the officers in the case.

Walmart shopper Angela Williams collapsed in the store after the shooting. She was declared dead at nearby Soin Medical Center.