Signs on some U.S. Postal Service mail boxes in Dayton say they will be removed

DAYTON — Signs on U.S. Postal Service mail boxes in downtown Dayton say the boxes will be removed.

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However, a USPS spokesperson told News Center 7 she was “not aware of any collection box removals” in the Miami Valley.

Justin Adams, who lives downtown, said the blue boxes are becoming harder to find.

“It’s always struck me as a little frustrating because when I have a letter and I need to send it, especially downtown, I don’t want to have to drive to the post office,” Adams said.

Though, on the boxes this News Center 7 reporter found with the attached signs promising removal, there were other boxes within a block with no removal signs attached.

Torri Gist of Dayton said taking them down is still not OK.

“What is going to go on with the elderly people who can’t get all the way to the next block?” Gist said.

Adams is upset this has become a political issue.

“I feel like the Post Office should be the easiest thing to agree on,” Adams said.