Head outside before sunrise to get a glimpse at these 3 planets

Visible planets the next few mornings

At the end of February and beginning of March, an impressive lineup of planets will be visible before sunrise.

If clouds cooperate, start heading outside 6 each morning, and look to the southeast sky. The moon will be your guide to the visible planets.

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First, it will be closest to Jupiter on Feb. 27 with Saturn and Venus to the bottom left of the planet. By March 1, the moon will be closest to Saturn with Venus right below and Jupiter off to the right higher in the sky.

Finally, on the morning of March 2, the moon will be closet to Venus, which will be bright. You will know you are looking at Venus, Jupiter and Saturn because they won’t twinkle like a star does.

During this time, the sun will rise between 7:10 and 7:15 a.m.

Don’t forget to share photos using the hashtag #SkyWitness7