Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla

Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla
Weeknights 8 PM to 11 PM, Saturdays 4 PM to 7 PM, and Sunday 3 PM to 6 PM

Jimmy Failla is the former head writer / on air personality for Kennedy on FOX Business and appears regularly on the biggest FOX News Shows. As a former New York City Cab Driver, he has an everyman persona that makes listeners feel like they’re talking politics with a buddy over a beer or ten. His debut standup special “State Of The Union” is currently the highest rated comedy on Amazon Prime. His easy conversational style and weapons grade sense of humor keep the mood light even when the news is heavy. A lifelong conservative, he bills the show as “a safe space for cool people” who can discuss the issues of the day without chasing anyone out of a restaurant - he likes food too much to waste it.

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