Oregon District Shooting: Turner family remembers son, Logan, spreads message of compassion and kindness

DAYTON — Logan Turner was one of nine victims in the Oregon District Shooting that occurred one year ago today.

After Turner was killed, his father, Mike Turner, wanted people to remember his son’s compassion and kindness toward others.

His message was simple. He’d write a note on a napkin with the hashtag Logan hugs.

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Even a year after the awful tragedy, Logan hugs can still be found. In fact, one was found on a post-it note in the Oregon District today.

Logan hugs originally began a year ago when Turner’s father left a note on a napkin for a waitress at an area Cracker Barrel.

The Turner family is still grappling with the loss of Logan.

“Like I said it’s every minute, every hour of every day, it’s different,” Mike said.

“Everyday it gets harder because there’s more of a realization that he’s, we lost Logan and all that Logan was going to be, we miss that,” Kathy Turner said.

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A heart-wrenching day came July 30, Logan’s birthday. Mike shared that he mostly kept to himself that day and stayed quiet.

The family has visited the Oregon District three or four times, but it’s not easy.

“I didn’t get to comfort my son or hold him in his last minutes,” Mike said.

“I wouldn’t mind going down there on that evening and just standing where Logan stood and see if I can feel his presence.”

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A part of the family’s healing process in the past year has been starting a group called Lovelight Circle.

“One of our biggest goals besides people being able to read good things is we want to encourage people to get out into the community,” Kathy said.

Logan’s parents have also set a scholarship for Springboro High School students looking to pursue engineering at Sinclair College.

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