Overnight Dayton, Kettering area power outage caused by substation damage

Overnight Dayton, Kettering area power outage caused by substation damage

UPDATE @ 7:23 a.m.:

According to DP&L officials, the large outage that occurred last night was caused by some damage at the substation itself, knocking out power to more than 3,000 people at around 1 a.m.

The power was restored shortly after, with officials saying the damage was repaired at around 1:20 a.m.

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However, the cause of the damage is unclear, although officials did not believe that it was directly due to the heat. DP&L is investigating the problem.

DP&L is not expecting further issues like this one.

UPDATE @ 2 a.m.:

According to the DP&L outage map, the large power outage that affected more than 3,000 people in Montgomery County has ended.

As of 2 a.m., only 48 customers remain without power in a handful of scattered outages, affecting 26 customers near Kettering.

The outage map says that this outage is estimated to end by 3 a.m.

The remaining reported outages are almost all in Montgomery County, with only five reported in Greene County.


More than 3,000 Dayton Power & Light customers are without power in the southeastern Dayton and Kettering area.

According to the DP&L outage map, most of these customers are in a single outage reported at midnight, accounting for 3,109 customers. The map shows an estimated power restoration time of 2 a.m.

In total, 3,138 customers are without power, the vast majority being in Montgomery County, with single digit outages reported in Darke and Greene counties.

We have reached out to DP&L for the cause of the outage and will update this story when we receive more information.