Miamisburg company’s filtration product shown to eliminate COVID-19 virus

MIAMISBURG — During a pandemic, the quality of air you breathe is more important than ever. One local air disenfecting equiptment company has produced system to keep the air inside buildings clean and fight off the COVID-19 virus as many stay indoors this winter.

Aerobiotix is a Miamisburg company that has been making air filtration systems since 2013. The demand for their products has increased drastically this year, due in large part to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Everything we can do to improve an airborne virus, particularly around people who are sick, is really critical,” said Dr. David Kirschman, Aerobiotix CEO.

The company’s main product is called Illuvia. It pulls air from a room and passes it through a chamber filled with ultraviolet rays, killing bacteria and virus, including the COVID-19 virus SARS COV 2.

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“We’ve actually recently partnered with the Batelle Institute in Columbus to show and test our units against the virus, and have shown elimination of the virus,” said Kirschman.

Their systems are currently being used by several local health care systems and surgery centers, as well as hospitals around the world.

Smaller and cost-effective air filtration systems have been produced and installed in several local school districts, nursing homes and businesses.

While the systems are shown to kill the virus, Kirschman said they should be used with, not in place of, personal protective equipment.