Judge to have preliminary injunction hearing on Ohio’s abortion ban today

A Hamilton County judge will have a preliminary injunction hearing today, which if granted could block Ohio’s abortion ban indefinitely.

A temporary restraining order goes until Oct. 12 and until then blocks Ohio’s heartbeat bill, therefore allowing abortions to continue in the state at all stages of pregnancy.

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The judge will collect arguments from both sides, the attorney general will represent Ohio at the hearing.

The judge’s decision would likely be appealed to a Cincinnati area Court of Appeals and then the Ohio Supreme Court, University of Dayton Law Professor Tom Hagel, previously told News Center 7.

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Last month, an American Civil Liberties Union spokesperson told News Center 7 the judge is expected to extend the injunction through Oct. 21.

News Center 7 will be in the courtroom for the hearing.

We will update this story as we learn more.