Former Dayton guard, nation’s top 3-point shooter, to transfer to Kentucky

Photo of Koby Brea. Photo courtesy of Rick Roshto

DAYTON — A former University of Dayton men’s basketball guard has announced he is transferring to the University of Kentucky.

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Koby Brea announced on social media that he will be transferring to the UK next season.

“Dreams to reality!!!” he said. “Let’s go BBN (Big Blue Nation).”

News Center 7 reported that Brea entered the transfer portal last month.

He played at UD from 2020-2024.

Brea shot nearly 50% from three-point range last season, 49.8%, to lead the country.

He averaged over 11 points per game and was named Atlantic 10 Sixth Man of the Year for the second time.

New Kentucky coach Mark Pope called Brea “the most efficient mid-to-high major player in college basketball in the last decade,” the Associated Press reported.

“He’s the best-returning shooter in college basketball next year,” said Pope. “Koby is a dangerous, dangerous man who is a great human with an incredible family. He will be key in allowing us to play the style of basketball that we love the most. Koby and this group are going to take Big Blue Nation on an incredible ride.”

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