UPDATE: Police confirm 4 victims in Dayton shooting, where bullets were sprayed all over

UPDATE: Police confirm 4 victims in Dayton shooting, where bullets were sprayed all over
Stock photo of police lights. (Dan Reynolds Photography / Moment / Getty Images)

DAYTON — UPDATE @ 9:41 p.m.: “We have four victims total,” Dayton police Lt. Seven Bauer said in the preliminary investigation of the shooting police believe started in the 3500 block of Stanford Place.

Three victims are male -- one is 22 years old and two are 26. The fourth victim is a 28-year-old female. One of them suffered critical injuries, the lieutenant said.

Bauer said homicide and felonious assault detectives are still working to confirm whether all of the victims were in the same dark color sedan that was hit by gunfire on Stanford Place and ended up in the parking lot of the Save A Lot grocery store, 2152 N. Gettysburg Ave.

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The female victim was found outside the grocery store. Two of the males were found on Stanford Place and someone drove another of the males to Miami Valley Hospital. Their conditions were not known.

“We have a total of seven vehicles and three residences that we know of struck by gunfire,” Lt. Bauer said. “It’s a miracle no one else was struck given the circumstances.”

Gunfire may have traveled as far as Karwin Drive, two blocks north of Stanford Place, where a woman called 9-1-1 to report that “something shot through the window and shot on my skin.... Then I got a lot of holes in my wall on the back side” of her home, she told the emergency operator.

The woman said she had been hit in the hand and arm, but did not see blood. Whether she ultimately was taken to a hospital was not made clear.

Bauer said the early investigation is leaning toward the idea the victims were targeted.

“It just shows you the complete recklessness of individuals when they do this type of crime,” he said.


As many as three people -- maybe more -- have been wounded by gunfire and police are working to sort it all out.

According to a preliminary report from Montgomery County Regional Dispatch, here’s what is believed to have happened:

About 6:41 p.m., Dayton police were dispatched on a report that a female had been shot at or near the Save A Lot store in the Gettysburg Plaza, 2152 N. Gettysburg Ave.

Roughly 7 minutes later, a medic was dispatched to the 3500 block of Stanford Place for someone who had been shot. That victim is believed to be male.

About 4 minutes after that, a male gunshot victim was dropped off at Miami Valley Hospital by private conveyance. Whoever left the male at the hospital took off in an unknown direction.

We're hearing that one of the males reportedly is in critical condition.

The conditions of the second and third victims are not clear. At least one of them has suffered gunshot wounds to the groin and leg.

We will update this developing report.