Longtime New York barbershop closing due to coronavirus

Longtime New York barbershop closing due to COVID-19

NEW YORK CITY — A New York barbershop that has been open for 75 years is closing because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Astor Place Hairstylists in the East Village reopened in July but has faced challenges to cover its bills, with fewer customers and increased costs to comply with coronavirus safety regulations, WABC reported.

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“We tried to make a go of it ... we need more than this to cover the expenses and the money,” owner Paul Vezza said. “It flows out like water.”

Some of the customers who have come in through the years include actors Robert DeNiro and Kevin Bacon, and Mayor Bill de Blasio.

“At this point in time, we seem to need a miracle,” the shop wrote on social media. “But we’re fighters so it’s really hard to give up.”

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