COVID-19: Test data shows more than half of Miami Valley counties have double-digit positivity rates

MIAMI VALLEY — New data released by the federal government shows more than half of the counties in the Miami Valley have double-digit percent positivity rates for coronavirus testing.

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The dates included in the data are between Aug. 27 and Sept. 2 and includes PCR test results. The data does not include antibody and antigen test results.


  • Auglaize: 11.2% positivity rate
  • Butler: 12.8% positivity rate
  • Champaign: 3.8% positivity rate
  • Clark: 4.8% positivity rate
  • Clinton: 4.2% positivity rate
  • Darke: 15.2% positivity rate
  • Greene: 7.4% positivity rate
  • Logan: 4.2% positivity rate
  • Mercer: 16.7% positivity rate
  • Miami: 12.7% positivity rate
  • Montgomery: 4.3% positivity rate
  • Preble: 14.3% positivity rate
  • Shelby: 22.7% positivity rate
  • Warren: 10.5% positivity rate

Ohio Department of Health data shows during the same time period, Ohio had a statewide positivity rate ranging from 4.2 to 4.5 percent. Gov. Mike DeWine has previously said the vast majority of Ohioans that have been tested for coronavirus have received the PCR test.

Test positivity rates came to the forefront in June, when several states began using the data to make decisions regarding restrictions in the state.

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