Family wants answers in missing persons case

On May 21st, it will be the 5-year anniversary of the day Julie Earley went missing.

"If I had an idea where she was, I'd be out there hunting, but I have no clue," said Kimberly Willey, Julie's sister.

Julie was 50 at the time she went missing. She is an insulin dependent diabetic and nearly blind. She also suffers from a condition called frozen shoulders. Would she really be able to run away all alone?

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"You just don't think it's possible. You're in shock," said Kimberly. "You want to think that maybe she's okay, maybe she really went somewhere...then you know there"s no way."

"She hadn't got any medicine filled, " said Julie's sister-in-law, Jill Rank. "The police contacted all the local pharmacies and nothing had been filled for her."

Family members also said Julie would never leave her two grown sons, without a word or a phone call. They now believe she is dead.

Jill said, "We know she's in heaven and we just look at it like that. She 's with her parents. But, where is her body?"

Multiple searches around the Miami Valley by Trotwood police and volunteers turned up nothing so went the case appeared to have gone cold, Kimberly and Jill answered a Facebook posting from producers of the "Dr. Phil" show...looking for missing persons to profile on an upcoming segment. Within weeks, they were on a plane to Los Angeles in an effort to give Julie's case some national attention.

"That was the hope, the reason that we did it, that maybe somebody who does know something would come forward, " said Kimberly. They also wanted to tell Dr. Phil about their suspicions of Julie's husband, Cregg Earley.

"Julie's family is convinced Cregg murdered Julie after they claim he threatened to kill her and hide her body where no one would ever find it," said Dr. Phil.

Cregg also went on the show that day two years ago, to defend himself.

"Was Julie afraid of you?" asked Dr. Phil.

"I don't believe she was afraid of me," said Cregg. "Why would she have been afraid of me? I love Julie."

Dr. Phil had a copy of Julie's request for a court protection order against Cregg and in it, Julie said her husband was very dangerous and she was afraid that he will kill her.

Trotwood Police tell me there is no new evidence to change Julie's missing person's case into a homicide. There is no body and no real evidence. Several blood spots found on the inside of the garage door were either too small to test or came back "inconclusive." Captain Dan Heath said Cregg waited over 10 days to report his wife missing.

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‘"We believe he knows what happened to her, where's she at," said Captain Dan Heath. "We believe he's spoken to people and if those people would come forward and just share the story with us, so we can put some closure to this case."

In the meantime, every time a body is found in the Miami Valley, Julie's family starts to panic.

Jill Rank said, "You want it to be her, but then you don't."

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