Fairborn Superintendent addresses sudden absences of bus drivers Monday

Fairborn Bus Issue

FAIRBORN — Fairborn City Schools is investigation why 22 bus drivers called off on Monday, forcing the district to switch to remote learning for the day.

Fairborn superintendent Gene Lolli told News Center 7′s Monica Castro that he believed Monday was the highest number of drivers who have called off in one day.

“The issues it did cause, we couldn’t get kids to school,” explained Lolli. “So that’s the roughly 1/3 of the driving force calling off.”

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Dayton Public Service Union, the union that represents the drivers, is also investigating the high number of absences.

The school is investigating if this mass of absences was some kind of unauthorized strike.

According to the union agreement, any stoppage, slowdown, or interruption of work would count as an unauthorized strike.

The Dayton Public Service Union claimed that they were not aware of a strike and did not approve a strike.