97-year-old twins freeze to death after falling outside

Published: Sunday, March 05, 2017 @ 8:54 PM

BARRINGTON, R.I. - Two 97-year-old twin sisters apparently froze to death Saturday after they fell outside and were stranded overnight just steps from one of their Rhode Island homes.

 Jean Haley, of Barrington, was trying to call for help and fell after noticing her sister, Martha Williams, of East Providence, had fallen also, Barrington Police said.

 The sisters had returned to Haley's home from dinner Friday night with their 89-year-old sister. The younger sister, who lives elsewhere in Barrington and wasn't named by police, left the two sisters at some point before the falls, police said.

 They said Williams was going to her car to leave Haley's home when she fell in the driveway, near the rear of her vehicle. When Haley attempted to re-enter her home to call for help, police said she may have tripped on a rug in the garage and fallen.

 A neighbor found the twin sisters the next morning. They were rushed to Rhode Island Hospital in Providence in critical condition, but died a short time later. Temperatures were freezing with a wind chill overnight Friday into Saturday, when much of New England saw some if its coldest temperatures of the winter.

 Police Chief John LaCross called the deaths a "tragic loss." A man who identified himself as a grandson answered the phone at Haley's home Sunday and said the family would be commenting later.

Boy, 3, saves elderly neighbor

Published: Thursday, March 02, 2017 @ 7:14 PM

Jaxon Lopez’ fondness for ‘Paw Patrol’ gave him the information he needed to assist an elderly neighbor.

 Jaxon, 3, saw a neighbor on her garage floor, bleeding. ‘Paw Patrol’ taught him what to do in the situation so he ran to his grandmother and yelled “help, help.”

 "I went to Ganny and I said Ganny, the neighbor is in trouble," Jaxon said.

 911 was called and his neighbor was treated for dehydration.

 And if he wasn’t sweet enough, Jaxon was allowed to get a new toy for his heroics. Instead he bought the lady flowers.

Accused killers, kidnappers smile, laugh in court

Published: Thursday, March 02, 2017 @ 6:58 PM

Two men accused of killing a teenage girl and kidnapping another were laughing and waving at a news reporter in Texas.

 Miguel Alvarez-Flores and Diego Hernandez-Rivera were laughing as charges were read in a Houston court.

 They are charged with killing a teen whose body was found two weeks ago. They also face charges in the kidnapping of a girl who escaped after being held for two weeks.

Woman has 200-pound tumor removed

Published: Wednesday, March 01, 2017 @ 8:59 PM

A Pennsylvania woman tried diet and exercise but she could not shed the extra weight.

 But one day she shed more than 200 pounds.

It turns out Mary Clancey,  had an undiagnosed, 200-pound ovarian cyst. 

  "I was so shocked when they told me. The first thing I thought was Sigourney Weaver with the alien,” she said. “I was so scared, I thought what could this be then?"

 Now her biggest problem is all her clothes don’t fit. She actually hopes to put a bit of weight back on.

 “Hopefully I’ll get curvy,” she said. “I’ll be one hot baby eventually.”






Police officer saves life of premature baby

Published: Wednesday, March 01, 2017 @ 8:33 PM

Chucquel Davis and her fiancé woke to find their son was not breathing last month in Douglasville, Ga.

The baby, Amir and his twin brother, Amar were born 5 weeks premature and have continuing medical issues.

When Amir wasn’t breathing, Chucquel called 911. Luckily, Douglasville Police Officer Joseph Dwyer was nearby.  Dwyer did CPR.

“I just kept on saying it in my head over and over as I was doing the compressions, ‘Fight, fight, fight.’ “ Dwyer said.

After a minute the baby began breathing again.

"We really thought it was over honestly,” the grateful mom said. “It was real scary."