South Charleston barn destroyed, NWS to survey area to confirm tornado report

National Weather Service investigators will be in southeastern Clark County this morning to confirm if a tornado is responsible for storm damage.

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Weather service officials in Wilmington ask that you report any weather-related damage to them.

A family’s barn was destroyed in South Charleston after a severe storm swept through the area Tuesday evening.

Ryan Barclay said one of his barns at his property on Courtsville Road collapsed, leaving debris all over the yard.

Another adjacent barn is still standing.

No one on the property was hurt, Barclay said.

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First responders witnessed a funnel cloud just southwest of South Charleston in Clark County on Tuesday, but said so far there have been no reports of injuries or property damage in the area.

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Clark County Sheriff Deb Burchett said her office received reports of a funnel cloud near the village shortly after 5 p.m., and deputies responded to the area. Trees were reported down, but she said no injuries or property damage were reported to her office after a storm rolled through the area Tuesday evening.

“The South Charleston Police Department saw it and my major was down there and also saw it,” Burchett said. “He said it was a large funnel cloud but he could not tell if it actually touched down or not. We have no injuries, we just have some trees down.”

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Chris Clark, chief of the Madison Twp. Fire and EMS, said he saw the cloud firsthand. He said firefighters were checking the area but so far only found a few trees knocked down.

“It was southwest of the village,” Clark said of the funnel cloud. “It was moving east. There was obvious and significant rotation in it, however I couldn’t see the base because of the vantage point. I can’t say it was on the ground but it was a rather large funnel cloud.”

He said the area is mostly rural so it would likely have touched down in a farm field.

“It was a little rattling to see it to be honest with you,” Clark said. “South Charleston PD also saw it and confirmed what I was seeing. It looks like we dodged a bullet because we have no reports of damage anywhere and we’ve got no injuries of any kind. My fire crews have checked the area and we’re not finding anything more than some small trees and branches down.”