Rare December severe weather impacting the Midwest

Severe weather is ongoing to our west and northwest tonight. The details surrounding this latest bout of severe weather are quite rare.

Today, the Storm Prediction Center issued a level 4 out of 5, moderate, risk for severe weather for parts of Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin. According to the SPC, a moderate risk for severe weather has never been placed over these areas during the month of December. In other words, a severe weather threat of this magnitude has never threatened locations this far north during the month of December.

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For Minnesota, specifically, a tornado has never touched down in the state during December.

To add to the rareness, severe weather is expected to occur in areas that currently have snow on the ground. Once snow is on the ground and temperatures drop, knowing where to go in the event of a tornado is likely not the first thing that comes to mind. However, that is exactly what many to our west are dealing with tonight.