Meteor shower peaks Friday night

The Draconid meteor shower will be peaking Friday evening! This shower isn’t the most active of the year, but it is still worth getting outside and taking a look. With football games and other outdoor activities taking place in the evening hours Friday, Saturday and Sunday, you might get lucky and see a few meteors.

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The Draconids are most active from sunset until about midnight. Look to the north/northwestern sky where the constellation Draco the Dragon will be; this is the radiant point for the meteor shower. This shower only produces about 5-10 meteors per hour. The good news is since our moon is a thin crescent and will be setting early in the night, the sky won’t be too bright. The only problem with Friday will be some scattered cloud cover. This shower is active until October 10.

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A bonus in the night sky through the weekend will be the very bright planet, Venus! It is very close to the moon the next several nights from about 7-9 p.m. in the southwest horizon as it sets in the evening.

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