Jupiter & Saturn come together at night this week

Jupiter and Saturn Line Up this Week

Clear skies this week give you the perfect opportunity to stargaze in the Miami Valley! A fun line-up of planets comes together in the evening sky heading towards the weekend. Jupiter, Saturn, and the waxing crescent moon will all come together.


November 18-November 20: Head outside after the sun goes down (around 6:20 p.m.) and look to the south/southwest sky. You should easily be able to find the thin crescent moon first, use the moon to guide you to two visible planets. Jupiter and Saturn will be to the top left of the moon. Jupiter will shine brighter than Saturn. By November 20, the two planets will have switched positions and will be visible below the moon.

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The window of opportunity is actually pretty small to see this line-up. By 9:00 p.m the trio will have dropped below the horizon.

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