International Observe the Moon Night is Saturday

Jupiter & Saturn will be close by

International Observe the Moon Night this Weekend

This weekend, join people from all over the world who will celebrate International Observe the Moon Night on Saturday! According to NASA, this is a great weekend to get a telescope and look at the moon. It will be half-illuminated since it is in the first quarter phase.

Another fun thing to look at in the night sky is Saturn and Jupiter. September 25-27, the moon will be your guide to these two visible planets.

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Each night the moon will get closer to the two bright planets. It looks like September 25 the moon will shine very close to Saturn and Jupiter after the sun goes down. If you look to the southern sky you should be able to find the moon first and that will lead you to Jupiter and Saturn. The three all stay in the night sky until about midnight, that is when they will drop below the horizon.

If you can’t figure out which planet is which, remember that Jupiter will shine bigger and brighter than Saturn. Don’t forget to share your photos with us this week as skies should stay clear enough to see the three.