First Meteor Shower of 2021 Peaks this Week

Have you missed star-gazing lately? We have been in a drought when it comes to meteor showers so far for 2021 but that all changes this week! The Lyrid meteor shower will be peaking April 16-24 giving you something fun to look for in the night sky.

This shower produces about 10-15 meteors per hour and will ramp up in activity April with a peak April 21-22. The best chance to see meteors will be in the predawn hours of 2 a.m.-6 a.m.

Keep in mind, the moon will be about half full and bright in the evening hours. You can work around the moon by looking for the Lyrids a few hours before the sun comes up. Predawn the radiant point of the meteor shower is in the northern sky, so look there!

If you see any meteors over the next week, make sure to let us know or share a photo!