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Kizer preps for first start: Mentality on ‘another level’

Published: Thursday, September 07, 2017 @ 11:45 AM
By: Gabriel Burns

After winning the starting job in the preseason, Browns quarterback DeShone Kizer is just ready to get on with the real thing.

“Excited,” he said. "It has been a long four months. I haven’t played competitive football with a game on the line and a record on the line in a long time. I’m looking forward to going out there and executing this game plan that we have been putting together the last couple of weeks.

"My preparation has to go to another level and my mentality has to go to another level, but hopefully, I can just match that and do what I have been doing all preseason and try to find some success.”

Kizer showed plenty of promise in limited preseason action. Enough to take the starting job from Brock Osweiler after the Browns had essentially handed it to him before taking the field.

Browns coach Hue Jackson has done an admirable job readying Kizer, he said.

"He is challenging me to take that to another level to make sure that this truly becomes who I am week to week rather than having one week of great preparation and then slacking off another," he said. "He has been challenging me to continue to stay in the playbook, stay in the game plan and continue to watch as much film as I possibly can.”

Kizer recalls his first starts in high school and college: Both ended on plays he couldn’t make. This time, he’s hoping it’s different.

"I have had a lot of experience of being thrown into the fire and going out there and being asked to execute and represent all the older guys on the team and so forth and so on," he said. "Now, this is an opportunity here where I know I am going to have to step up and put ourselves in a position to win in the fourth quarter.”